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Work’s a drag – but with our selection of funny and motivational work t-shirts, it won’t be so bad! Whether you’re looking for a funny gift for your boss, or just a motivational or serious shirt to help you get through the next workweek – and into the weekend – Wizard of Words is here to help! 

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We do things differently at Wizard of Words. You won’t find any “canned” slogans or recycled text on our website. We began our business because we were tired of being unable to find truly unique, fun, and motivational clothing and gifts on other websites.

We decided that we needed to make the world of textual and slogan printed t-shirts and products a bit better – and by hiring the best team of in-house creatives to develop one-of-a-kind ideas, we think we’ve succeeded. You won’t find our ideas or products anywhere else – they’re all Wizard of Words originals, and we use good quality materials to ensure that they’re built to look great, and last long.

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So go ahead. Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt for yourself or for a coworker, a colleague or your supervisor, you’ll find everything you need at Wizard of Words.

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