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Shop Cool Customizable Slogan T-Shirts, Tees, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and more at Wizard of Words! 

Welcome to Wizard of Words! If you’re looking for the best collection of slogan t-shirts, you’ve just found it. We pride ourselves on creating unique, gorgeously-designed, and fun slogan t-shirts. From funny slogans, to thought-provoking and inspiring text, we’ve got it all.

We believe that everything you wear should reflect your own unique personality – and say something about you! Not only that, we believe in making apparel and accessories that are comfortable, attractive, and make you feel great about how you look. When you put on a slogan tshirt from Wizard of Words, you’ll feel like a million bucks! Well, maybe a hundred thousand. Okay, at least ten thousand. You’ll feel like ten thousand bucks!

Unique Styles, One-Of-A-Kind Slogans, And High-Quality Customizable Apparel

Wizard of Words is a different kind of apparel company. If you’re here, that means you’ve probably been looking at some of our competitors. Admit it – it’s okay! We forgive you. We’ll get over it. Eventually.

But seriously – if you’ve been looking for slogan t-shirts, you’ve probably seen dozens of similar ideas that have been cut-and-pasted by our competitors. Sure, maybe some small part of the design or the slogan is unique – but in general, most of the shirts you’ll find are quite similar.

That’s why we started Wizard of Words. We truly believe that there is a better way to do business, and create unique, funny and motivational apparel. In the spirit of this, we founded our company.

And our pledge to ourselves – and to our customers – was to never take the easy way out. We don’t look to others for inspiration or designs. Our team of in-house creatives workshop hundreds of ideas – and only the best ones make it onto one of our slogan t-shirts.

No canned lines. No boring text. No low-quality tees that become faded, or lose their lettering after a few wears. Quality is our watchword – and by using the highest quality materials and creating our own slogans and text, we truly believe we’ve got a better product than anyone else out there.

So go ahead. Try us if you want – take a look at some of our merchandise and apparel, and compare it to “the other guys”. We know you’ll see the Wizard of Words difference, and shop our selection of funny, inspirational, and motivational apparel.